Seo Search Engine Optimization Mclean

How to build an attractive and search engine friendly

1,Use fresh content on every page of your website. Never copy content
from other websites on the net. Search engines give more preference to
Content rich websites.

2, Make sure you add all meta tags like Title tag, Description tag,
Keywords tag, ALT tag and H1, H2 tags. All these tags should contain
proper keywords.

3, Meta tags should me unique on every page of the website.

4, Domain name and the url names of the website should contain

5, Proper programming should be done with no broken links on the

6, Try to avoid flash on the website. Especially on top part of your
WebPages since search engines enter a website from top they like to see
content as soon as they make the entry.

7, Make your web pages quick to load by reducing the size of the
images. Search engines love quick loading websites.

8, Never use text and links in the same color as the background,
also don’t create many door way pages to cover more key words or dump
keywords into meta tags and content. All these methods are considered

9, When using frames on websites Make good use of meta tags and the
[noframes] tags to tell search engines what the frameset is about.

10, Add a site map to your website. It will make your website
easy to spider by the search engines.

11 ,It is better to use HTML coding that is compliant to some
well recognized HTML standards such as W3C standard. Because
non-compliant web design could cause difficulties for search engines to
index your website.

12, Build as many links a possible. But be careful not to
exchange links with pornography, Drugs
and other black listed websites.

All the above mentioned tips help your websites gain top rankings on
all major search engines. Another important fact to be considered
before building a website is selecting proper keywords. emphasis each
page on a particular keyword. Search engine
optimization is easy once we understand the logic.Do not neglect link building
because it is part of SEO.