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The larger your Opt In list is, the better you can manage your list, the more frequently you keep in touch with your list and provide them with valuable information, then the more likely you are to sell your product and service.

An Opt In List is a collection of Email addresses you receive from people whoever are interested in your product or service and ask to join your auto responder list.
You can build your Opt In List using free techniques or you can pay a third party to expand your list.

Free techniques to build an Opt In list include writing articles. Although this may take a little more time and effort, your articles can be a very effective method for getting new subscribers to you. You can write articles focusing on your topic or articles that contain any of the info in your product. It is the useful info readers find in your article that will inspire them to look you up and notice how they can find more useful information.

You can then post part of the article on a blog you are writing or submit the article to different directories for publication. You can also post the article as a separate page on your own website. When submitting your articles to other sites for publication, be sure in include your name and a link to your web site.

If you like the idea of free list building techniques, think how much your potential customers may also want something of value that is free. Write short, informative Ebooks or special reports on your topic or on the topic of an affiliate program that you are marketing. Offer them as incentive to those whoever OptIN to your home page.

Develop a mini Ecourse, a shortened version of your complete product or service. Break your product up into several sessions. You may want to give away a few secrets with mostly all lesson but keep any secrets in reserve. Remind subscribers that there is more info on the full version of your product and include links to your product page on your web site. Download your mini course into your auto responder program to save you time.

Pop Up ads are effective for collecting Email addresses but only use them on your own site. Used on your own site, Pop Up ads let people know they can sign up for your list and get the info they want almost immediately.

Build a list on Facebook. Join forums and participate in any of the discussion. Leave your link to your Opt In page. When you just leave a link to your website or blog, you will not be capturing the name and Email addresses of people whoever clicked on your website looking for more info on a particular topic.

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